Friday, December 30, 2016

Visit Museum of Bank Indonesia


    Museum of Bank Indonesia is located near the Jakarta Old Town. The museum is housed in a heritage building in Jakarta Old Town which had been the first headquarters of the Netherlands Indies gulden (De Javasche bank), the central bank of Dutch East Indies. The bank was nationalized as Bank Indonesia in 1953, after Indonesia gained its independence.
This museum was founded by Bank Indonesia and opened on July 2009 by the 6th President of Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

      The design of this museum is so modern, though from outside it looks classic and old. Inside the building we can see the history of spice monopoly by the Dutch East India Company in the Indonesia archipelago, the history of payment system that changes over time, monetary policy, etc.

Worker lifted the spices 

"Bersaing buntung, bersatu untung"

Old pictures of colonialism
Old rupiah currency, it seems like dollar

The museum also provide visitors with audio and visual tools to learn history of currencies and trade in Indonesia from pre-colonial to the present state.

Visual slides of history

Furthermore, the museum also has currencies collection from other countries in the world.
Type of money

    This museum is so wide, there are also some rooms which usually is used for meeting long time ago. On the center of building, the area is focused on the garden, though the plants are not many, but you can see the blue sky and enjoy the classic old tone...I've visited this museum twice and never bored to come again and again.

Just ignore our dark face

Pretty lotus on the yard

Quote :
"If you don't know history, then you don't know anything. You are a leaf that doesn't know it is a part of a tree"
~ Michael Crichton

Museum Bank Indonesia
Address :
Jl. Pintu Besar Utara No. 3
West Jakarta - Indonesia
Ph. 62-21- 2600158
Visiting Hours :
Tuesday - Friday: 07.30 AM - 03.30 PM
Saturday - Sunday: 08.00 AM - 04.00 PM
Fee : 5000 IDR

*) Monday & Holiday Close

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Berbagi dengan binatang


Mau curcol ceritanya tentang kejadian sore ini..
Mungkin temen2 pernah ngalamin yg namanya apes..haha
Saat mengalami yg namanya "APES" pasti kalian merasa menjadi orang yang paling kasian di dunia ini ~~~ lebaay..
Jadi cerita nya sore ini hujan deras..dan sebelum malem, gw harus nyiapin masakan buat bekel kantor besok.
Secara bahan-bahan udah disiapin yaa langsung lah menuju ke dapur..rencananya mau masak kulit melinjo sambel teri..hhmm *udah bayangin pedes-pedesnya enak...
Pas sampe dapur, celingak-celinguk nyari bungkusan teri..lenyaap..yang ada cuman kulit melinjo nya aja ma cabe...hhhmm suudzon ma tersangka utamanya..siapa lagi klo bukan meoong *hiikss..soalnya dikosan udah kayak peternakan kuciing..banyaak banget kucingnya..dicari tuh buntelan teri kesana kemari gak nemu..Yaudah deh aku rapopo *elus-elus dada..
Adeek lafaaar baang ~~~
Karena udah kepepet, kulit melinjo udah direndem tadi..mau gak mau harus dimasak malem itu jugaa..*cling
Adaa ide, tadi abis belanja ikan mateng..jadilah ikan diambil dagingnya suwir-suwir, dimasak pedes sama yang namanya kulit melinjo..
Hhhmm..nyam nyaam bau nya aja udah bikin ngileer..
Siipp..udah mateng..ditutup dan ditimpa lagi sama yang namanya ulekan batu..jaga-jagaa dari kucing bandel..
Ditinggal mandi deh..dan temen gw teriak-teriak..bilang kalo wajannya numpleek..dimakan kucing ikannya..
Ya Allooohh...sediiih...apes amat yaa..makaan ajaa belum...*sabar-sabar..
Biasanya gw pasti langsung marah-marah, kesel, ngoceh-ngoceeh..
Tapi kali ini kok enggak yaa..agak sabar gitu..hehe
Terbesit dalam pikiran dan teringat tulisan seseorang..bahwa "Allah memberikan suatu kejadian, bukan karena tanpa alasan"...*jadi mikir...
Oiyaaa...mungkin gw kurang beramal sama binatang yaa..makhluk Allah SWT. kan gak cuman manusia, tapi ada binatang, tanaman, dan semua yang ada di bumi ini..jadi mungkin sore ini Allah ngingetin gw untuk saling berbagi dengan si meooong itu..mungkin itu meooong udah kelaperan berhari-hari *positivethinking...haha

Mungkin kalian pernah ngalamin hal serupa, atau lebih paraah..misal: ban bocor pas harus buru-buru berangkat ke kantor..udah dandan menor buat kondangan, eh tiba-tiba kepeleset masuk comberan, lagi buru-biru mau hangout, dompet ketinggalan..dan masih banyak lagi ke-apes-an yang dialamin..dari semua kejadian itu, mungkin ada pesan dan peringatan tersirat..haha

Jadi, yakinlah dibalik ke-apes-an itu pasti ada hikmah dibaliknya..

Begitulah guuys curcolaan gw sore ini...yang punya cerita sama boleh dishare di kolom komen..
Thanks for reading my blog :)

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Ragunan Zoo "The Old and Fantastic"


Wonderful Peacock ^0^

Zoo is not only fun place to visit for children, but it fits me so well...hahaha *lol
It was a pleasure to see how the animal life. How they play, how they interact with other family, what is their favorite food.

On the Independence Day of my country (Indonesia) at 17th August, I went to one of the most famous zoo in Jakarta..yep it is called Ragunan Zoo. The entry ticket was not expensive (about IDR 4000) , but now we have to use JakCard to enter Ragunan Zoo. JakCard is similar with e-ticket, we can use it for Jakarta public transportation also, we also able to top up when the balance in limit.

Ragunan zoo is quite large area, beside the animals, they also have beautiful garden, amusement park, cafetaria, mini train, primata schmutzer, etc. Primata Schmutzer, I think it's fantastic place that must to be visited.

This  Mr.Raccoon is very fat, too much eat..hey you!

Heyy bigy bigy Elephant

See giraffes, remembering me with Kwang So

Deers, is time for lunch..uuhh yeeah!

Primata Schmutzer is a place for primates, apes and the family of this animal. This building was built with very good and warm place for living. The sad things are some of area is not  maintained well and some primates looked lonely..haha lol...I think it's only my feeling.
The main gate of Primata Schmutzer

Mom is loving and caring


Hang in the tree

This Mr.Gorilla needs friend, or maybe girlfriend..
Please give one for him..hehe

Well, I hope you enjoyed it! Occasionally, bring your family, friend or even your boyfriend to have holiday in Zoo. 

Sunday, September 18, 2016

I call it "Volunteers"


     On this great years, I want to do many things to make my life better and to be a useful for others. I joined as volunteer in "Sekolah Anak Bahari". Sekolah Anak Bahari is social organization that help coastal children to get better education. We do non formal education for the children, but we also contribute on some projects for the local people and also environment. You can call me newbie here, but meet this team made me already like family. No classification, no gender, no senior or newbie, no differences. If we have the same mission, so we are one, we are unite, and we are "volunteer".

     Sekolah Anak Bahari is not only places for study math, reading or writing. We teach the children arts, sing a song, DIY, how to re-use waste material, and also how to love environment. We realized that to make a change we can not work alone, we have to work together. So happy that many communities or  foundation help us to make a better education for coastal children. Some of them help us to build the school, give book, table, and other study equipments. Some of them also share knowledge they knew, below are some activities that we already done for the coastal people in Tanjung Anom - Kait.

      On 14th August Sekolah Anak Bahari (SAB) collaborate with Lions Club did small project about "Youth and Environment". Children in Tanjung Anom - Kait was educated about how to  separate "organic" and "an-organic" waste. Two recycle bin already provided in front of SAB School. They did action by cleaning trash near the school and beach, then threw the waste into "organic" or "an-organic" recycle bin, based on its criteria.

      Green mussel shells are very many found there, it becomes waste and nobody cares or uses it. So, we trained local mother to reduce green mussel shells waste as decoration. Together we made handicraft , mosaic from green mussel shells. They were so happy and excited, so am I.

      On 28th of August, our school also join with health community to share about personal hygiene with the children. They thought the children how to wash hands well and how to brush their teeth in correct way. SAB's children are very happy and enthusiastic with this activity.

Thanks a lot for our friends who help us make the spirit keep alive....fighting !!! :)

Thursday, September 8, 2016



September 8,2016

"Nothing is perfect.
Life is messy.
Relationships are complex.
Outcomes are uncertain.
People are irrational. "

~ Hugh Mackay

Sudah lama kita bersama, 
seharusnya kita lebih mengerti satu sama lain.
Kita tahu, kita sama-sama ingin maju, terkadang kompetisi itu ada.
Tapi kita sadar, kita bersama untuk saling mendukung, saling berbagi...
Terkadang kita merasa iri, apabila salah satu dari kita sukses lebih dulu, itu wajar, itu manusiawi. 
Tapi kita sadar diri, sukses mu sukses ku juga, sukses ku sukses mu juga, sukses kita bersama.
Bahagia..iya bahagia untuk kita bersama, itu seharusnya..

Peluhmu yang menjadi kekhawatiranku, tapi apakah kamu mengkhawatirkanku dengan porsi yang sama?

Mungkin memang benar istilah bahwa "Wanita dari planet Venus" dan "Pria dari planet Mars". 
Jarak yang dipisahkan oleh ribuan bintang membuat pria kurang mengerti dan kurang peka dengan apa yang diinginkan wanitanya.
Hal yang mungkin  kecil bagimu, berarti besar untuk ku. 
Asal kamu tahu, apapun yang kamu lakukan untuk ku itu "spesial". Walau terkadang, aku yang harus "meminta"..oh tidak hhmm mungkin "mengingatkan", agar kata itu menjadi tepat bagimu, supaya kamu mengerti.
Sifatku memang cenderung tergesa-gesa dan ceroboh, sehingga mungkin aku tidak sadar hal itu mengganggumu.
Aku tidak ingin merusak harimu. Maafkan aku,  jika keluhku yang tidak jelas, kata-kata yang setengah-setengah,
itu karena terkadang aku tidak mengerti harus menjelaskan darimana. Terlalu takut kamu salah paham dan itulah memang yang sering terjadi pada kita.

Aku tahu kita sangat-sangat berbeda, tapi banyak alasan yang bisa menyatukan kita.
Aku harap kamu mengerti...

Friday, September 2, 2016



Hoi   = Hello = Dutch
Bonjour = Hello = Paris

Do you like studying foreign language?? Yes, I do...
Today I found this superb app to learn foreign language easily. It called "Babbel", this app is the new way to learn foreign language. There are various language you can find in this app. Learning foreign language becomes fun and easier, because it gives you not only the words but also the voice from the narrator, so you can hear the accent from each different language, then practice it like a native speaker..haha
I'm interested to learn Dutch and French language, but the spelling for several letter are difficult. 
Below are the examples new words that I learned from Babble

Good evening!
Good morning!
Hoe gaat het?
Dank je!
How's it going?
Thank you!

Comment tu t'appelles ?
Je suis Marie.
Ça va ?
Bien, merci.
What's your name?
I am Marie.
How are you?
Fine, thanks.

"P R I S M A" New Toy for Photo Editing


Halloooo guys...
Hoe gaat het?? How's it going?

I hope you have a great , sunny, cheerful day.. like a sunshine today...
For all photo lovers, I want to share with you guys, about new application which is booming recently.
The app is Prisma. Prisma is a photo-editing application that makes use of a neural network and artificial intelligence to transform the image into an artistic effect. It give beautiful result and so artsy.
This app was created by Alexey Moiseenkov and it was launched on June 2016 as a free mobile app. kind he is, isn't ?

Prisma transforms your photo into work of art, there are a lot of style of famous artists, such as : Van Gogh, Picasso, Levitan, etc. But, not only style of famous artist that you can find in Prisma, you also can choose world famous pattern, ornament, and mosaic. So, here we go, some of my photos that became so colorful and artsy, because the Prisma touch...hahaha

So, have fun playing with P R I S M A guuys !!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Journey to 3 islands (Kelor, Onrust, Cipir)


Hi my friends..It's been a long time, I don't write on blog...~ ~ ~
On this good day, I want to tell you about my other journey... So, be ready OK !!!!

Several days ago I joined trip to visit 3 little pretty islands in Kepulauan Seribu, Jakarta. The 3 little islands are Kelor, Onrust, and Cipir. On this vacation, my trip is about "travel history". Why "travel history"? Because,  despite of travelling, we will get more information about location that we've visited. Yeepp..all past story why these things are here..!!!

My Route
Go to Jakarta Kota station - - - Use public transportation --- for public transport you can order GO-Jek or Grab motor, for more saving just use mobile transport, the red one car with destination to Muara Kamal Port. From Muara Kamal port, you can cross the island using traditional boat.

Kelor Island
The weather was so great, the sun shone brightly. Firstly arrived at this small island, I can see the white sand and blue clear water around the island.

The thing that attracted my attention was the old castle on the end of the island. The castle was so beautiful. I've watched this castle on TV and celebrity couple ever used this place for wedding ceremony...*what a romantic place!

The castle is named "Martello". Martello castle was built by VOC (Netherlands) long time ago. As we known, Indonesian has strong bound with the dutch. When colonialism, Netherlands built the fortress to face the Portuguese attack. Now, the fortress become a castle in my fairyland...*lol

See you on the next trip Kelor island (^0^)

Onrust Island
Not far from Kelor island, you can visit Onrust. Onrust island is bigger than Kelor. This island also has local people who live there. Onrsut is the center of history between Kelor and Cipir island, because long time ago, on this land many incidents happened.

Onsrust itself was named by Dutch which means "un rest". Why? because the island was very busy. In 1615 the VOC built a shipyard and a small storage house on the island.

In 1911-1933, Onrust island became a quarantine station for pilgrims returning from the Hajj. A barrack was built in 1911 that contained 35 units for about 100 pilgrims.
From 1933 until 1940, the Dutch used Onrust to hold the mutineers involved in the Incident of the Seven Ships (Zeven Provincien).
After the Japanese invaded Indonesia in 1942, the role of Onrust island declined again and it became a prison for serious criminals.
In 1972 Ali Sadikin, then governor of Jakarta, declared Onrust Island a protected historical site. In 2002 the administration made Onrust and its three neighbors - the islands of Cipir, Kelor and Bidadari - an archaeological park to protect the artifacts and ruins on the islands that date back to the time of the Dutch East India Company.

Cipir Island
When you arrived in Cipir island , you will see old buildings like this. These old building seems to be the hospital long time ago, the place lil bit spooky. Cipir island was area for hospital that took care and quarantine of infectious diseases for pilgrims in 1911-1933.

Other advantages from travelling is you can meet new friends. New friends means new family for me. Meet new people, can make your mind open and stay positive, because you never judge people at first time you met is bad, isn't it?

Quote : Get out from your comfort zone, the nature out there is waiting for you  !!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Pahawang Si Miniature Raja Ampat


Ada yang tau Pahawang???
Nikmat Tuhan mu yang manakah yang kamu dustakan ?
(Fabiayyi ‘ala irobbikuma tukadziban...)

Pahawang itu dimana ya??
Pahawang :  pulau yang terletak di Kecamatan Punduh Padada, Kabupaten Pasawaran, Lampung Selatan. Pulau ini terbagi menjadi dua yakni Pulau Pahawang Besar dan Pulau Pahawang Kecil. Kalau dilihat dari google map lokasi pulau ini terletak di Teluk Lampung. Selain pulau pahawang kita masih bisa mengunjungi pulau - pulau lain disekitarnya. Menurut saya pulau ini seperti miniatur Raja Ampat, Papua (walau belum pernah ke Raja Ampat langsung sih..hihiii :p)...karena bentuk pulau - pulau nya seperti jamur mirip di Raja Ampat.

Keberangkatan : karena perjalanan ini hanya dilakukan di akhir pekan, jadi kami memutuskan untuk berangkat hari Jum'at malam, setelah pulang kerja..(maklum nyari segenggam berlian buat backpacker-an...hahaha..).

Malam itu, kami berkumpul di Kampung Rambutan, kami naik bis jurusan Pelabuhan Merak. kemudian dilanjutkan dengan naik Fery yang berangkat dini hari.

On the Way : Perjalanan menuju Pulau Pahawang cukup panjang, kami naik Ferry untuk menyeberangi Selat Sunda (Pelabuhan Merak ---> Bakauheni), Dari Pelabuhan Bakauheni, kami menyewa angkutan umum (angkot) setempat menuju Pelabuhan Ketapang di Teluk Lampung. Ini pertama kalinya saya menginjakan kaki di tanah Sumatera, saya kira dari Pelabuhan Bakauheni ke Bandar Lampung dekat, ternyata jaauh sekali..dibutuhkan kurang lebih 3 jam perjalanan untuk sampai di Pelabuhan Ketapang (Ps: tanpa macet lho...)...fiiiuh lelaah Hayati bang..bang..mana supir angkot nya udah kayak pembalap...kadang lawan arah..ngerem mendadak...belum nyemplung ke laut badan udah pegel-pegel..hahaha

Pelabuhan Ketapang : Finally, we arrived at Ketapang. Pelabuhan Ketapang ini bisa dibilang masih bagus dan airnya jernih, beruntung sekali cuaca pagi itu cukup cerah..hhmm...jadi terbayar rasa lelah. Kami bergegas menyiapakan alat-alat untuk snorkeling dan sudah tidak sabar untuk menuju spot - spot terumbu karang yang katanya masih alami... So excited !!
Kami naik perahu motor milik nelayan setempat menuju Pulau Pahawang dan pulau-pulau disekitarnya. Kebetulan rombongan trip saat itu banyak..jadi ada sekitar 6 perahu yang akan berangkat dan diisi sekitar 10 orang per perahu..hhmm..agak gimana gitu yaa..kalau snorkeling ber-rame-rame gitu..udah kayak kolam renang..haahaha..Well..just enjoy it :D

Snorkeling : Attenttion !!!! Please for everyone who snorkeling or swimming near corals, keep your fins away from the coral, don't break any corals, because it need very long time to grow in every inch. Also don't throw your trash to the sea. Be a nice and a wise traveler , OK !!!

Welcome to the islands....
Air lautnya masih sangat jernih... (^0^)

Pulau Pahawang Kecil : banyak spot menarik di pulau pahawang kecil ini, masih ada sedikit ekositem mangrove, sedikit lamun (seagrass), pasir putih, dan pemandangna pegunungan yang indah menjadi background yang tepat untuk mengabadikan momen disana. Selain itu,  ada resort dengan dermaga kecil (Ps: sayang sudah tidak diizinkan untuk masuk ke daerah resort, padahal ada kubangan seperti kolam di bawah dermaganya).
Gaya andalan dimana pun....haha

Pulau Pahawang Besar

Pulau Pasir Timbul : dinamakan pasir timbul karena, gundukan pasir berwarna putih halus akan muncul saat air surut dan saat pasang mulai datang, pulau kecil ini akan terendam air laut lagi. air di kepulauan Pahawang ini masih sangat jernih, di pasir timbul, perahu akan berhenti di dermaga kecil dengan resto makan terapung yang ditengahnya terdapat kolam. Kolam ini berisi ikan hiu kecil dan beberapa ikan karang, tapi sayangnya pengunjung yang tidak bertanggung jawab kurang menjaga kebersihan tempat ini, karena banyak sampah plastik yang dibuang ke kolam..kasihan ikannya :'( .

Hayoo cantik mana? cewek-ceweknya atau laut nya?
(secara mukanya gak pada keliatan...hahahaha)

I can do this all day long..haahaha